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Bitcoin Core is the original software manifestation of the Bitcoin protocol. Find the most essential links and download the reference client. Learn more about how it all works, find out how to own bitcoins.


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Bet on anything with Bitcoin. Peer-to-peer bets and predictions. Created by anyone, about anything. forum


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Information Edit!'s own forum featuring an exhaustive range of topics such as buying, selling, news, charts and many more. Discuss legal matters and organize meetups. 

BitcoinTalk forum

by BitcoinTalk

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BitcoinTalk forum is a well established forum enabling anyone interested in crypto-currency and bitcoins to discuss with like-minded individuals. Topcis range from jobs, mining, news, tech support, nodes, market-places and many more. A useful resource for anyone new or experienced in crypto-currerncy.
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Bitcoin Wiki

by Bitcoin Wiki

Bitcoin's wiki page. Information about how bitcoin works, a list of exchanges and businesses accepting or working with Bitcoin. Acess a the full plethora of bitcoin related information, including mining, technical information, live merchants maps and best practices. Join the forums and chatrooms and discuss bictoin related topics.

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by Blockchain

The most popular web wallet with client-side encryption. Create a blockchain wallet in just a few seconds enabling you to send and receive payments immediately. Client side encryption keep you firmly in control of your funds. Serves over 120 countries, more than 11 million wallets. Considered a "far and away an early leader in Bitcoin, enabling the entire ecosystem" by New York Times.

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We Use Coins

by WeUseCoins

Get started with Bitcoin. Introductory video, prices and links. One of the very early sites out there which aim to explain Bitcoin and how to use it. Get easy to digest information about how bitcoin, alt-coin and crypto-currencies in general work. Find out what bitcoin mining is and why it works for both individuals and merchants alike. Send bitcoin from your computer, tablet, smartphone or other device, to anyone, anywhere in the world, day and night.

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by Coinbase

Web wallet and a platform to buy bitcoins using debit cards and other payment methods. Buy and sell digital currency. Coinbase is the world's most popular way to buy and sell bitcoin and ethereum.

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by Bitstamp

Reliable bitcoin exchange with large volume catering to Europe mostly. The first fully licensed bitcoin exchange. Buy, sell, deposit and withdraw cryptocurrency at your will. Featuring a live tradeview.

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by Coindesk

News portal about Bitcoin and other crypto-currencies, featuring news, up-to-date trading data and prices, events, research papers and press-releases. Subscribe to the latest information, and receive it directly in your inbox.

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by Bitcoinity

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by Preev

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by Kraken

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by Poloniex

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by Localbitcoins

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by Bitmex

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by Bitcoinwisdom

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by Paxful

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by Shapeshift

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