How Does It Work?

Bitreview allows anyone to freely post their website(s) for listing. Submissions can range from home domains to subdomains or pages that can be considered relevant to bitcoins, trading, crypto-currency wallets, aggregating them into a top-list of bitcoin websites. The submission process is quick and simple.

The community decides which one they like best. This effectively means, the better the information provided is in the submission, and the more relevant and accurate it is, the more the chances it will generate community-wide interest. This community is basically anyone interested in crypto-currency, be that on a personal, merchant or trading professional capacity. Having the community decide the best link ensures quick access to top-quality bitcoin related information and instant access to the best bitcoin sites out there.

Visitors are free to submit reviews with their subjective scoring and the site admin can respond to the reviews. Once the listing is public, any visitor can access and review the bitcoin site you have submitted. This is another reason to provide accurate and relevant bitcoin and cryptocurrency related information. The better the review and ratings are the higher it climbs in the top-list, thus getting more exposure. It is important to encourage your user-base and community to visit this site and leave an honest review. All fake or abusive reviews shall be removed by the site's admin.

If you have a website and you want exposure, you can climb the ranks quickly using bitcoins, so if you believe that your site needs to get more exposure, besides relying on the community's votes, you can also purchase a higher ranking in the bitcoins sites top-list. This will ensure your site is the best bitcoin site in the list and visitors see it first. Unfortunately any poorly performing site will be degrade over time, falling lower and lower in ranking, so it's important to keep an eye on it, and help its ranking in order to ensure it doesn't fall to the bottom of the list.

Would you like to add your site? It will be approved quickly. Please make sure to provide as much original information about your website as possible, including a cool logo and several screenshots. Make sure all screenshots and the logo are of either .png or .jpg format. For the logo it is recommended to have an image of 1:1 ratio, ex: 100 x 100px for a much better fit. It is recommended that you post at least 3-4 sentences about your bitcoin site, pointing out its main features and why it's useful to the crypto-currency community. The site's slogan is usually a great place to start.

The entire submission process is easy and painless, and should last a couple of minutes or so. This site's admins will make sure to review your submission swiftly so that your site can get into the top-list within 24 hours, and that you, your bitcoin site and your community can enjoy the added exposure and gather reviews and ranking, on your way to becoming the best bitcoin site.